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The ContractorPlus Accreditation Process

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Our online application form is comprehensive to use and the provision of a 24-hour help desk and IT Support line will ensure that you are able to complete the necessary details.

The Application looks at the following areas:

  • Your companys Tax and Insurance details
  • Health and Safety Systems, including any health surveillance and screening process
  • Accident Reporting and Analysis
  • Any prosecutions and notices held by your company
  • Permits to work
  • Quality Assurance Systems and any relevant experience>

All required supporting documents can be uploaded from your desktop eliminating the need for hard copy information to be sent in the post. This will enable us to contact you prior to any insurance documents expiring, ensuring that all stored information is accurate and up to date.

Once payment and completed application forms have been received our Health and Safety consultants will review your company policies and provided information.

Should they feel that insufficient details have been provided they will contact you requesting the relevant documentation and aid you in the provision of any that you do not have and require.

After our Consultants have passed your application you will receive SM&MS certification and your company details will be added to the contractor database.

Throughout your annual subscription to ContractorPlus you will receive regular newsletters and emailers regarding health and safety news and updates on current legislation. In addition, continuing access to our 24 hr helpdesk will be available to answer any questions regarding your companys health and safety requirements.